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I WOULD LIKE TO INTRODUCE YOU TO CYNTHIA EMERLYE and tell you a bit about her, her love of family and nature, and her love of creating beautiful art and crafts. To know her was to feel that her love of life was apparent in every challenge and path she undertook.

We have created this legacy tribute website in order to keep her spirit, love, art, and joy of life alive for all who were her family and friends; for all who knew her and enjoyed using her art to further enhance their own well being and spirit. And, we welcome new friends who are just now discovering her art and legacy, and invite everyone to join us to help celebrate in Cynthia’s memory.

Let us begin to share my mother's story, and how she found the life path she so vigorously explored and embraced.

Cynthia Emerlye was born in Rhode Island, USA, during the baby boom after World War II. Growing up in a creative, traveling family she was introduced to homey and fine crafts at quite a young age. In the 1950s, people were still taught the ways of self-sufficiency and how to make the most of what they had. Among those items were the necessary skills of sewing, knitting, crochet, cooking, growing one's own food, baking and preserving all manner of foods by canning and drying methods, and more. But, her parents and grandparents did not forget about the more fun, light-hearted aspects of home life. Throughout her childhood, she was given music and piano lessons and art lessons which included painting, drawing, and carving. She continued to pursue her artistic interests in high school where she began to win local and state art contests. After graduating high school, Cynthia was accepted at Mount Holyoke College. While at college, she still found time to continue advancing her artistic interests, taking many art classes. She even found time to produce a large number of watercolor paintings which she showed at a well-known art gallery in Barrington, Rhode Island.

After college, Cynthia married and became the mother to six beautiful children. Taking care of the home and raising the children was her primary career for the next quarter-century. In 1990, she and the children moved to a small farm in Pomfret, Vermont (where she lived until passing away after a battle with cancer in 2017). With the children now adults, she had more time for her art. In short time, Cynthia made a name for herself locally and nationally, then internationally. Using her home-based studio in Vermont, she created and produced greeting cards, was commissioned by individuals for fine artwork and paintings, created logos for local and state businesses, and created a series of popular, complex adult coloring books and journals.

In just a few short years, Cynthia developed a unique, distinctive style that was – and still is – all her own. The work is detailed and elegant, complex and richly feminine in nature recalling the gorgeously illuminated manuscripts of the Renaissance and the incredibly detailed work of William Morris. Her black and white florals are highly distinctive and have been adapted to many decorative and commercial uses. Using a soft, rainbow-based palette of color, her paintings and illustrations incorporated mystic symbols and mythic iconography into the dreamscapes she created.

Cynthia was also an expert kirigami craftsman. She had a love affair with paper and created intricate, finely cut paper art for several decades. As an annual winter tradition, Cynthia even hosted a paper "Snowflake” cutting party at her home to launch the holiday season. In fact, each year she cut about 150 one-of-a-kind snowflakes that were displayed at her home and around town. As with other artwork, she also offered them for sale online and in select galleries and gift shops in the United States and Europe.

I hope you have enjoyed this brief introduction into Cynthia’s life, and we look forward to sharing more of her life's stories, ideas, work, and achievements for you to enjoy in the months to come. Until then, have fun looking at the gallery of some her artwork below and please sign our Guest Book. We would love to hear from you!

In closing, we think you will be as excited as we are with the news that we will also be republishing a select collection of some of her artwork and coloring journals which will soon be available.

On behalf of my family and everyone here at Emerlye Arts, thank you for visiting and we hope you will come back often!

— Rachael Edith Emerlye

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Emerlye Arts is very pleased to announce that we'll soon begin to republish select artwork, coloring journals, and greeting cards. Displayed below are some of the items to be released.
To reserve your 2nd edition Tangles of Flowers coloring journal, send us an email to:, and we'll let you know when it is available!*

A Tangle of Flowers Coloring Journal

As the 1st edition was one of Cynthia Emerlye’s best selling products, we decided to print a 2nd edition! This fine art coloring journal has 20 beautifully complex Emerlye Arts coloring designs from her "Peaceful Pages" collection. The coloring pages are perforated, so that you can easily remove them for framing. The journaling pages include quotes from renowned artists, writers and philosophers for a mindful experience. We hope you enjoy it as much as the 1st edition! Spiral bound journal is 7 in. wide x 8.5 in. high.

*NOTE: Reserving your Tangles of Flowers coloring journal is not an obligation to buy.

5" x 7"; "Honeysuckle" Mandala on inside front cover to color; inside back cover left blank for your personal greeting

5" x 7"; "Honeysuckle" Mandala on inside front cover to color; inside back cover left blank for your personal greeting

5" x 7"; "Honeysuckle" Mandala on inside front cover to color; inside back cover left blank for your personal greeting

5" x 7"; "Honeysuckle" Mandala on inside front cover to color; inside back cover left blank for your personal greeting

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